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Ally Pediatric Therapy Hires Maritza Tafur to Lead Occupational Therapy Services


Ally Pediatric Therapy Hires Maritza Tafur to Lead Occupational Therapy Services

Autism and Childhood Disorders Treatment Clinic Now Offers Bilingual Therapist



PHOENIX (December 6, 2018) Ally Pediatric Therapy, an autism and childhood disorder treatment clinic, recently hired occupational therapist Maritza Tafur, MOTR/L to its exceptional lineup of certified specialists. Tafur is a bilingual occupational therapist who has worked with children and adults on the Autism Spectrum for more than 13 years. She joins the team while in the process of obtaining her occupational therapy doctorate (OTD) from the University of Utah.

Maritza, an Arizona native, will bring a diverse skill set to Ally Pediatric Therapy’s clinic. Her area of expertise includes child-lead play-based therapy, sensory integration therapy and improving emotional regulation and executive functioning skills in young patients. She prides herself on her ability to make strong connections with her patients and plans to play a pivotal role in helping both English and Spanish-speaking families create treatment plans to address a variety of developmental challenges in the Valley.

“We’re so excited to have Maritza join our family and for our patients to have another resource who’s devoted to our integrated, one-of-a-kind approach to care,” said Tara Boyd, M.A., CCC-SLP, Co-Founder and Executive Director at Ally Pediatric Therapy. “We’re continuing to grow every day, so having someone as diverse and talented as Maritza on board is truly an asset to our team and our patients alike.”

Ally Pediatric Therapy recently opened a new center in the Mountain View Medical Center at 10595 N Tatum Blvd., Suite E146. Ally’s 5,000 square foot center provides applied behavior analysis (ABA), speech-language and feeding therapy, occupational therapy, and social skills groups. Center-based treatment has been shown to be the most effective setting for treating the symptoms of autism. All of Ally’s rooms are designed to cater to different stages of learning and play for children ranging from 2 to 20 years of age. Rooms in the center include five individual treatment rooms, a pretend playroom, an observation area with one-way glass for clinicians and family members to observe therapy sessions, and two large gyms with a therapeutic swing, a climbing wall, and a ball pit.

Ally Pediatric Therapy’s team assists patients in all stages of treatment, from diagnosis, to a customized strategic therapy plan to suit the personalized needs of each patient. For more information about Ally Pediatric Therapy and to schedule a tour or an appointment please visit




About Ally Pediatric Therapy

Ally Pediatric Therapy, located in Paradise Valley, Ariz., is an autism and childhood disorder treatment clinic with a diverse group of clinicians and care professionals who are unified, efficient and effective in providing individualized therapies designed to help each child reach their full potential for learning, personal and social growth. Specializing in an integrated approach to address symptoms commonly found in children on the autism spectrum and other childhood disorders, Ally Pediatric creates individualized treatment plans that address and treat each child’s specific developmental challenges. Its 5,000 square-foot therapy center includes different treatment and sensory rooms designed for Ally Pediatric’s speech, behavior, and occupational therapy to help children learn, speak, and grow. For more information about Ally Pediatric Therapy please visit