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Autism Programs and Funding for Your Family

Raising a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder can be stressful, time-consuming, and costly. Therapy, learning materials, and other provisions to help keep your child in a positive environment are not typically budgeted for by parents who are just beginning to create a framework for an ASD life.

Luckily, for families affected by ASD, there are programs and funding options that can make life easier. The hope is these can alleviate some compounding stressors that might otherwise adversely affect your family. If you are looking for help getting your child into autism services or receiving financial support, read along for some much-needed resources.

In-Home Autism Programs vs. Clinic Programs

When you are looking into the type of treatment and care for your loved one, you want it to be the most effective and comfortable for all parties involved. There are many different ways to deliver the proper framework for your child to learn while you and your familial support group are able to interact with ABA clinicians and therapists. The main choice you will have to make initially is an in-home program vs. a clinic setting:

In Home Autism Programs

Clinic-Based Services

Enriched Environment

The clinic will be enriched with novel toys, games, activities that are not in the home environment. There will also be novel peers and adults for your child to interact with. There will be fewer distractions and usually no previously established routines.

Social Interaction

There will likely be similar age peers at the clinic. This will allow for additional facilitated interactions for your child.

Supervision Presence

Our supervising clinicians will be on site. This will allow for any new behaviors and or responses to be immediately seen and attended to.

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Home-Based Services

Natural Environment

Your child will learn their skills in the exact environment in which they will need to perform them. They will be immediately generalized for your child and family.

Social Facilitation

Social facilitation can be immediately modeled by the Ally staff during contrived play dates with your child’s natural peers and playmates.

Adaptive Skills

Your child will be able to work on skills that may not be able to be worked on in the clinic like laundry or baking/cooking.

Funding for Proper Programming

Autism treatment is inherently challenging enough to approach from a behavioral and stress-management level. If your child’s treatment has not been worked into a budget or the situation has evolved to necessitate more care than you expected, it can also be costly.

Home Based Autism Treatment

However, there is a myriad of resources available from the state, clinics, and providers who are willing to approach flexible options for you and your family. A great state-funded insurance resource is the Marketplace Health Insurance program. ABA qualifies as an essential health benefit and is required to be covered in many states, including Arizona.

We recommend reaching out to qualified providers first, and then seeing if they will help you navigate the resources available. After all, they have the experience in the field and should be looking to be there as your compass.

Ally Can Help You Navigate the System

At Ally Pediatric Therapy, we’re here to create the best framework for your family to thrive in the face of a difficult situation. We understand how challenging it can be to find proper therapy settings, let alone finding in-home resources to help manage stress.

Our team of experienced professionals has been guiding families for decades, and we try to be as approachable as possible. Our name is ‘Ally’ for a reason – that is what we aim to be. If you are looking for a partner, guide, and provider in a time of duress, please reach out today – we’d love to help.