Keeping your child safe through COVID

COVID-19 Policy Updates

Dear Ally Community,

Last Friday, your Clinical Director notified you via email that you’d receive additional information this week regarding further enhancements to our policies in response to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic. Included below, and attached to this email, is additional information on Ally’s response and what you should expect moving forward. Several of the cleaning, sanitation, and social distancing policies have been in place since at least the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. New policies noted below will take effect on Tuesday, May 26th.

One of Ally’s core values is to “Do What’s Right”, and these policies are designed with that value in mind. There is nothing more important to us than ensuring our staff, clients, and family members remain healthy and safe. Some of these changes may take some getting used to, and we have prepared and trained our staff to support you and your child through any challenges. As always, your Clinical Director, BCBA, and/or SLP are happy to address any individual questions or concerns. Please reach out to any of those individuals if you have questions.

We will continue to monitor the evolving situation with COVID-19 and will make future changes, if needed, to ensure we are providing a safe and healthy environment for therapy. We remain appreciative of the support and flexibility our families have shown throughout the past several months.

Key Policy Updates / Changes:

Daily Health Screenings for Clients

  • Why this is being implemented: Avoiding contact with sick individuals is among the most effective methods to avoid contracting COVID-19. As restrictions have been lifted allowing more businesses and places of work to re-open, Ally believes it is important to implement additional screening procedures to ensure all staff and clients are healthy before coming into contact. All Ally staff have been completing daily health screens since mid-March, and will continue to do so moving forward.
  • What is expected of you: Effective Tuesday, May 26th, each day prior to the commencement of your session, you will be asked to sign an attestation confirming that none of the following COVID risk factors are present for your child:
    • Fever of 100.4 or greater (please conduct a daily check of your child prior to their session starting)
    • Cough
    • Shortness of breath
    • Sore throat
    • Has been in contact with anyone in the past 14 days with a confirmed case of COVID-19
    • Has any other signs of illness
    • For families receiving in-home services, you will also be asked to attest to the fact that no other individual in your home exhibits the above symptoms

Clinic Drop Off / Pick Up Procedure (Clinic-based services only)

  • Why this is being implemented: Minimizing contact with other individuals is an important means to reducing the spread of COVID-19. This new procedure will limit the number of individuals entering our clinics on a daily basis.
  • What is expected of you: Effective Tuesday, May 26th, please arrive on time to your child’s session and your child’s service provider will exit the clinic at the designated session start/end time to meet you at your car and pick up, or drop off, your child. You will be responsible for helping remove your child from his or her car set, or placing your child in the car seat at pick up time. If you will be late to drop off or arrival, please email, or, as appropriate.

Reduced Clinic Capacity

  • Why this is being implemented: Minimizing contact with other individuals is an important means to reducing the spread of COVID-19. With the changes made to Ally’s ABA schedule in March, clinic-based services were significantly reduced and this reduced capacity remains in place today.
  • What is expected of you: No action is required of you. Please be aware that as of today all Ally clinics are operating at reduced capacity in order to adhere to social distancing recommendations. We are allowing no more than 1 client and staff per room, which limits the contact between individuals throughout the day. No definitive timeline exists for the capacity to be increased, it will be based upon changes in guidance from the State of Arizona, CDC, and/or other public health authorities, all of which currently emphasize the importance of social distancing. Until the situation improves, this will limit the number of clinic-based clients we are able to serve.

All Ally staff will be required to wear a mask during sessions

  • Why this is being implemented: Wearing a mask or face covering is an important means to reducing the spread of COVID-19. CDC guidelines have evolved since March and now recommend this as an important practice, as does the state of Arizona.
  • What is expected of you: No action is required of you and we are not requiring clients to wear masks while present for therapy, though we are happy to work with you and your child if this is a skill you would like for them to practice.

Ally COVID-19 Response Policy

  • Why this is being implemented: Despite the preventative measures Ally is putting in place, it remains possible that an individual at an Ally clinic will be diagnosed with a confirmed case of COVID 19. We believe it is important to clearly outline the steps we would take to respond to a confirmed case so you know what to expect if that happens.
  • What is expected of you:
    • In the event a confirmed case is diagnosed at an Ally clinic, Ally will take the following actions:
      • Notify parents of any children present at the clinic that an individual who has been present at the clinic has been diagnosed with COVID-19. Parents will be asked to pick their child up at their earliest convenience
      • Notify our janitors that an individual with a confirmed case of COVID-19 has been present in our clinic and that a deep cleaning of the clinic should be scheduled as soon as possible
      • Close the clinic for a minimum of 48 hours or until the deep cleaning has been completed. Where appropriate, offer in-home ABA services for any clinic-based clients impacted by the closure until the clinic reopens
      • Ask that the affected individual(s) to follow the CDC guidance before returning to work or resuming treatment with Ally
    • In the event a confirmed case is diagnosed at an Ally clinic, Ally will take the following actions:

In addition to the information provided above, Ally will be keeping in place other enhanced policies that were implemented in March. These include clear expectations for regular handwashing throughout the day, frequent cleaning and disinfecting of toys and other high touch surfaces within our clinics, and weekly supplemental deep cleanings of our clinics that our janitors perform every weekend. We are confident that policies allow us to promote a safe environment for therapy for your family and our staff and address key recommendations from the CDC and state of Arizona.

With gratitude and help,

Ally Leadership Team