How to Get Started

Ally Pediatric Therapy is currently accepting new clients! Our team is ready to discuss your family’s unique needs and how our services can benefit your child and family.


Tell Us About You

To start the conversation, please complete a Prospective Client Information Form. This will help us learn about your child’s needs, verify your benefits, and understand how we can help.

Tell Us About You


Let’s Chat

Our team will set up time with you to discuss your family’s unique needs, and help you navigate the process of obtaining the best services for your child.

Tour Our Center

Introducing you to our clinical team will allow us to explain how we can improve your child’s quality of life.

Complete Enrollment Packet

Once you decide to begin service, you will complete a New Client Enrollment Packet. This allows our team to prepare for the initial assessment.


Initial Assessment

We’ll conduct an assessment to determine the appropriate treatment plan and goals for your child.

Begin Therapy

The assessment forms the basis of a customized treatment plan to help your child grow!

We're Here to Help

Understanding treatment options and funding can be daunting. Our team will help you understand what services are available to you and explain your benefits and coverage so you can focus on getting the best treatment for your child.

Navigating Funding for Therapy

We're Here to Help!

The services we provide are typically covered by insurance companies. We are currently in-network with the following insurance companies. We also work with other insurance providers, so please contact us to discuss options.




Coverage for Treatment

If you have any questions about your coverage, please complete our Enrollment form and our team will follow up with you.