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Walk With Ally: Autism Walk 2020 Goes Virtual!

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October 31st 2020
All Day

Some of the most fulfilling events to participate in as either a person with autism or an ally are awareness walks. These events help spread autism awareness, bring joy to the participants, and allow people to speak about their experiences.

In light of COVID-19 and the world’s social environment, these events are even more important — they just have a slightly different scope. In 2020, Ally Pediatric Therapy and our wonderful group of patients, staff, and allies will be walking virtually!

Here are all the exciting details of how you can participate and or/support this ongoing movement for autism awareness in its adapted form this year.

Why Autism Walks are still important

Though 2020 has brought about unprecedented times in terms of new norms and social climate, it is still crucial to organize and participate in autism support events. The adaptation of the Ally Walk will enable us to collectively enhance other people’s lives from the comfort of home. It is also a great way to see some faces we may not have been able to recently!

Both of these points illustrate the greater overall need for these events, whether virtual or otherwise. Autism walkathons came about out of empathy, respect, and a wonderful community. They will continue strong in 2020, as people can show their support via a virtual charity.

What is most important is that we continue to create a spectrum of support for people with autism and their loved ones. After all, the new normal and additional restrictions don’t take the place of an existent need for outreach and love — they enhance it.

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What happens during a virtual walk?

During the virtual autism awareness walk in 2020, we are getting creative to provide ways for people to show their spirit and support for the community.

One of the first goals is to have local support system needs addressed. Speakers within the Arizona community have the opportunity to deliver messaging, sponsors of programming and local outreach will be acknowledged, and prominent members of the Autism community and allies will be recognized. Recognizing the people who make these events possible is critical to support future ones, virtual or otherwise.

The best part about the Autism Speaks Walk 2020 is that it is truly groundbreaking — if there is a new way you want to show support for someone with autism or the community as a whole, this is a fantastic time to do it!

How to sign up For the 2020 Autism Speaks Walk

There are a number of easy ways to register for the Autism Walk 2020.  The 15th Annual Autism Speaks Walk will occur on Saturday, October 31st and will be completely virtual! Whether you choose to walk, Zoom, or get creative with a group, your participation is what counts! Registration for this walk is free and only takes a few minutes. Enter here!

The Autism Speaks Southwest 5k event is on December 12th, 2020, and you can sign up any time before that day on the website. You can register as an individual, or join as a team and virtually connect your group for the event. It is $20 for youth and $35 for adults, and participants can show their support by running on a treadmill, track, neighborhood, or anywhere they see fit!

The most important thing to consider when registering and telling other people to do the same is that all proceeds will be donated to help autism patients and research, so everyone wins.

How else can you show support?

While Autism Speaks 2020 is a great day to show support for autism, Ally Pediatric Therapy, and the community as a whole, it is not the only way to be an ally yourself!

You can donate without participation, let people know about the event, use the branded hashtag #AutismSpeaksWalk and our hashtag #WalkWithAlly while sharing posts, or encourage those who are running during their training.

More importantly, we must remember that support for people with autism and the community is an every day conscious effort in order to be a true ally. Especially during 2020 when routines and social lives have been disrupted, being a beacon of positivity for someone can go a long way.

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Walk With Ally Pediatric Therapy

Are you ready to take part in a dynamic first-time format for Autism Speaks? At Ally Pediatric Therapy, we sure are, and hope to see you there.

Make sure to sign up early, repost and share to show your support with the #AutismSpeaksWalk and #WalkWithAlly hashtags, and most of all, have a blast! We appreciate everyone who makes this community so strong and want you to know that the world is a better place when we can still have events like this.