Bethany Belden, RBT

From a very young age, Bethany has had a passion for children. She grew up in a large family in the Midwest with community being a core value. She was drawn to kids that needed additional help in school and sports. She began her first interactions with special needs children when she decided to volunteer and then later coach a Special Olympics team.  From this experience, her passion grew and she decided to attend college and obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education. She taught full time for four years in the St. Louis area before eventually getting married and moving to Arizona. Once in Arizona, Bethany taught for ACCEL for a summer. Bethany is also very passionate about health and fitness. She is a personal trainer and also owns her own fitness and nutrition company.

Bethany loves helping children and living a healthy lifestyle. She has been married for almost 8 years and has 2 beautiful children. She strives to set a good example for her family on how to treat others and help those in need.  Bethany loves to meet new people, try new things, and share life with people

Favorite Fun Facts about Bethany:

*Loves SUSHI, the color purple, scrapbooking, running, trying new restaurants, hiking, lipgloss, cookie dough ice cream, and chips and guac!