Dylan Nikkel, RBT

Dylan joined the Ally team in November 2018. He discovered the field of applied behavior analysis by working with his brother in an ABA clinic for a short summer internship in 2015. After finishing his associate’s degree in his home state of Iowa the following fall, Dylan decided to move to Arizona to launch his career in ABA. He quickly became an RBT and jumped into the role with excitement. As an RBT, Dylan worked in the clinic, home, school, and community settings to provide behavior therapy to individuals with autism, from toddlers to young adults. He has experience in both skill acquisition and behavior reduction. More recently, Dylan has taken on the role of a Senior RBT, in which he assists BCBAs with assessments, staff and parent training, research, quality assurance, and fidelity.

Dylan’s deep passion in for applied behavior analysis has led him to continue his education. He is currently finishing his bachelor’s degree at Arizona State University; upon completion in August 2018, he will join the ABA Graduate program at ASU. His ultimate aspiration is to become a BCBA and extend the reach of ABA to individuals beyond its current scope.

In his work, Dylan strives to work quickly and efficiently to foster a child’s learning and growth. He believes that the best kind of work is collaborative, adaptive, and innovative. Dylan’s passion within the field is communication and language acquisition. “There is no comparable feeling to helping a child find their voice and watching them interact with the world. It’s one of those ‘this is what life is all about’ experiences,” he says. Dylan can’t wait to bring his dedication to the kids at Ally.