Rebecca Lord

Rebecca found her passion for working with children at an early age. She was homeschooled as a child, graduating when she was 15 years old. After graduation, Rebecca started at the San Diego School of Nursing, later obtaining her LPN. She has worked with special needs children for over 8 years and has always had a love for the field. She has been a volunteer in the classrooms at her hometown high school for children with special needs and currently volunteers to teach Sunday School in the special needs classroom at her Church. Prior to joining the team at Ally, Rebecca worked on the Special Needs Unit at Aurora Behavioral Health. Through this experience, she realized that working with children with special needs was not just a career, but one of her passions in life.  In addition to working at Ally, she is currently pursuing her career to be an American Sign-language translator. Outside of work, Rebecca has a love for family, singing, hiking, and fitness. She has two beautiful daughters that she strives to raise with a love for others.