our services

The professionals at Ally Pediatric Therapy treat children with autism and other childhood disorders. Our services, which include applied behavior analysis (ABA), speech-language and feeding therapy, and occupational therapy, address symptoms common in children with autism, including: challenging behaviors, difficulties socializing and communicating with family and friends, and challenges with school and life skills.

Our team of expert clinicians works together to design and implement treatment plans customized for the unique needs of every child we support. We understand the impact that childhood disorders can have on children and their families, and we are driven to improve the quality of life for every child we serve.


our approach

We utilize a unique approach to autism therapy – integrating speech, behavior and occupational therapy. We integrate the principles of applied behavior analysis (how to teach) with speech-language pathology and occupational therapy (what to teach).



Every employee is trained in ABA, Speech, and OT principles, ensuring a comprehensive treatment plan that reflects the unique needs of each child.


When employees collaborate, staff can reinforce what works best for each child across every discipline, maximizing progress and minimizing setbacks.


Outcomes matter. We work together because collaborating produces the best results for the children we support.

our values

Our Mission: We help children with autism and other childhood disorders learn, speak, and grow in order to improve their quality of life and strengthen their relationships with family and friends.

We understand the impact that our work can have on the lives of the children we support, and we’re driven to deliver the highest quality treatment possible. We go home each day knowing we made a difference and think about how we can build on that tomorrow.


We're Easy to Work With

Working with therapists should help improve your family's quality of life, not complicate it. We are your ally in working toward this goal.

We Do What's Right

The right answer isn't always the easy answer. We focus on doing what is right for the child and family in order to improve quality of life.

We Strive for Excellence

We are continuously learning and further developing ourselves in order to deliver the best possible clinical outcomes to the children we serve.

our centers

Our 5,000+ square foot center in Paradise Valley, Arizona has dedicated ABA, speech, and occupational therapy spaces. The center includes two gyms with swings, a climbing wall, a media room, and a sensory room. Our treatment rooms are designed for focused, 1:1 treatment, and cater to different styles of learning and play. We also provide in-home ABA therapy within a 15-mile radius and 30 minutes drive of the clinic, servicing Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, and Phoenix, Arizona.

Our East Valley center in Chandler, Arizona offers both center-based and in-home ABA therapy in portions of Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, Mesa, and Ahwatukee, Arizona. In-home ABA is conducted for locations that are within a 15-mile radius and 30-minutes drive of the clinic.




our testimonials

We truly feel blessed to have found Tara. When our son was first diagnosed (at age 2), we were told he would never talk. He had severe apraxia, which isn’t given enough consideration in the treatment of autism spectrum disorders. This is where Tara makes a difference. She was able to incorporate speech therapy and techniques into our son’s ABA therapy and beyond: this resulted in tremendous improvement in his expressive and receptive language. Not only is he talking, but we are now having conversations with him (even abstract ones). In our opinion, a critical success factor for the treatment of autism is working with professionals like Tara that have a proven ability to successfully integrate speech and ABA therapy. Thanks for helping us get our child back!

Julia S.

The services Kellie and her company provided to me and my family were life changing, and I would highly recommend her for any services you or your family could need.

Tarin M.