Our Services

Our Philosophy

At Ally Pediatric Therapy, we strive to provide the best therapy to the children we support. We believe, and research supports, that an integrated, evidence-based treatment approach is the most effective way to help our clients reach their full potential.


We understand the challenges that children and families face in seeking treatment for childhood disorders. Receiving a diagnosis is often an emotional and overwhelming experience. While many resources exist to help families learn more about the diagnosis and seek treatment, making sense of the various stakeholders, treatment approaches, and funding options available can be daunting.

At Ally Pediatric Therapy, we put the child first. Using the expertise of our ABA, speech, and OT professionals, we create a unique treatment plan that addresses each child’s developmental deficits. Our collaborative approach extends to treatment delivery, where teamwork is embedded in how we operate, and clinicians share strategies and reinforce progress across all disciplines.

We are driven to make a difference for every family we work with so your child can achieve his or her maximum potential.



Benefits of an Integrated Approach


Every employee is trained in ABA, Speech, and OT principles, ensuring a comprehensive treatment plan that reflects the unique needs of each child.


When employees collaborate, staff can reinforce what works best for each child across every discipline, maximizing progress and minimizing setbacks.


Outcomes matter. We work together because collaborating produces the best outcomes for the children we support.


We believe in doing what is best for the child and strive to deliver the highest quality treatment for our clients. Two critical components of high quality treatment are training and communication. To complement a clinician’s area of expertise, every clinician at Ally is taught foundational ABA, speech, and OT principles, enabling each child’s team to communicate effectively. Supervising clinicians meet regularly to ensure appropriate progress is being made toward goals in the child’s treatment plans.

Our ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life for every child we work with. Doing that requires us to work together as a team, and we believe that we’re stronger as an integrated, coordinated group than each staff member would be on their own.


Who We Serve

Ally Pediatric Therapy is an inclusive organization that works with children with autism and other childhood diagnoses. Our services are commonly used to treat symptoms associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder, but can also address symptoms associated with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Specific Learning Disorder, Intellectual Disability and Mental Retardation, Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder, Impulse-Control, and Conduct Disorders.

Ally serves children as young as 2 up through 20 years of age. We understand the importance of the family and ensuring that progress made with our team can be replicated at home. Parent education sessions and quarterly workshops are key components of our programs so parents have the tools needed to help their children learn, speak, and grow.

Evidence-Based Services

Applied Behavior Analysis

ABA applies decades of research in the field of behavior analysis to help children develop communication and social skills. It is based on the principles of learning theory and is used to increase functional skills and reduce challenging behaviors. ABA demonstrates positive behavior changes and helps to decrease skill deficits for children with a variety of childhood disorders and is considered best practice to treat the symptoms of autism spectrum disorder. ABA is the foundation for all services provided at Ally Pediatric Therapy.

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Speech-Language Therapy

Speech and language delays or difficulties are prevalent in children on the autism spectrum. Speech and communication problems manifest in a number of ways, including a lack of spoken language, comprehension, and/or social communication. Oral motor challenges often carry over to meal times as well, leading to difficulties eating, or with the textures and tastes of certain foods. Speech-language pathologists address speech, communication, and feeding challenges by applying evidence-based services tailored to each child’s specific needs.

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Occupational Therapy

Many children with autism spectrum disorder, or other childhood disorders, have difficulties processing and interpreting sensory inputs. Challenges with sensory processing help explain why a child may not like noise, being touched, or the feel of certain types of clothing. Occupational therapists work with children to develop functional school and life skills so your child can actively learn, play, and care for him or herself.

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School Services

Ally Pediatric Therapy partners with schools to supplement existing school services for children with challenging behavior. We offer a variety of services, including functional behavior assessments (FBAs), ongoing consultations, ongoing training, and one-to-one support, depending on the needs of the school and the children. This ensures that teachers have the support they need to be effective so every child can learn.

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How We're Different

ABA principles are applied across all services we provide, ensuring consistency in every session. This helps children achieve their goals in an efficient manner.

Our Centers


New Center Now Open!

Paradise Valley: Our 5,000+ square foot center has dedicated ABA, speech, and occupational therapy spaces. The center includes two gyms with swings, a climbing wall, a media room, and a sensory room. Our treatment rooms are designed for focused, 1:1 treatment, and cater to different styles of learning and play.

Chandler: Our newest center opened in March 2019! The center features multiple treatment rooms designed for both group and 1:1 treatment, catering to different styles of learning and play.