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Why is ABA Important for Early Intervention?

When it comes to treatment in children with autism, applied behavior analysis is considered the industry standard for treatment. Why is ABA important in early intervention, you might ask?

As it relates to the overall developmental timeline of certain behaviors, it is vital to use ABA to target and correct these actions before they become more difficult to address. Enrolling a child in ABA therapy as soon as there are behavior deficits identified can make a drastic difference in their lives as well as their families.

We recommend consulting a clinic or therapist to map out a plan once you’ve read more below about the benefits of ABA for early intervention.

How does ABA help with Early Intervention?

It is best to start ABA as early as possible to begin closing any deficits in development. Each child’s program is based directly on the assessment and data is continually taken to show progress.

Some of the reasons to implement applied behavioral analysis include:

It supports the development of communication skills

ABA uses prompt-and-response techniques to help build and correct language skills and social interactions. Often, consistent communication can be one of the most frustrating things for a child, and working with them to create comfort step-by-step can be a wonderful way to help them become more confident in communicating.

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Encourages school readiness

One primary goal of ABA is to create behavioral changes that are seen across all environments. School is among the most important scenarios for a child with autism to feel comfortable early, as their social and educational development can fall even further behind if they are not ready to attend school.

Additionally, it will help alleviate stress on parents and therapists of a child with autism. The development of a child early in life can be much easier if there are a number of strong support systems, including understanding teachers and a positive school environment.

Greater gains at younger ages

Most behavioral correction therapies will be easier to implement for a younger child. As time passes, habits become deeply ingrained, especially if there is misapplied positive or negative reinforcement. The use of proper reinforcement in ABA will be much more powerful if it only has to override the earliest development of challenging behaviors in a child with autism. Thus, it is important to consult a clinic and therapist to enroll your child as soon as you can identify a set of behaviors you’d like to see change in.

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Addresses Challenging Behavior

In ABA Therapy, replacement behaviors are taught, and your child will use those skills in place of challenging behaviors. We also recommend early enrollment into ABA therapy so you can learn how your child responds to different learning environments and practitioners. There is no one-size-fits-all method to ABA therapy, and a delay in getting good information about your child’s interaction with therapy programs can be harmful long term.

Helps Teach Practical Skills

Independent living is a significant goal for many people who are diagnosed with autism. Addressing deficient skills or behaviors early in a specific manner can help create the building blocks of a consistent life routine for a child.

Similarly, once a child and therapist have worked together to develop a healthy prompt-and-response relationship, they will be able to address other behaviors more easily. This is why making sure to enroll in a high-quality clinic with reputable practitioners is so important: ABA therapy is made by the people and support systems around it.

Promotes Independence

Part of working with therapists, teachers, and family members to address behavioral changes is the necessity for two-way interaction between a child and their ally. ABA uses behavioral modeling along with reinforcement to create interactive sessions that require a child to be independent in their response.

why is aba important

This type of complex behavioral chain is important to develop earlier than later for a child with autism. If it is delayed, the child may not feel comfortable in engaging in challenging situations later, meaning they will be reliant on their family or caretakers for everyday tasks.

Learn more about ABA Therapy at Ally Pediatric Therapy

At Ally Pediatric Therapy, we have spent decades helping children with autism and their families grow and live happier lives. Our therapists and practitioners are some of the most qualified ABA specialists in Arizona, and it is our goal to have a positive environment for early childhood treatment.

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